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Assault and battery are serious offenses in California and it can be confusing to a non-attorney on when assault versus battery charges are brought forth. This article provides a simple overview of assault and battery cases in California. If you are searching for legal representation on an assault and battery case, Vanguard Litigation P.C. is here to help. Justice is always served at Vanguard Lit.
These are two separate charges that can be brought by a victim of a violent crime. Understanding the difference between these two charges is important, as discussed below.
There are two requirements to bring a claim for civil assault in California. 1) that the perpetrator acted with the intent to cause harm or offense, and 2) that the injured party reasonably believed that he or she was about to be touched in a harmful manner, The key for assault is that it’s the threat or attempt of harm. One of the most important aspects of assault is that someone can be charged with assault even if they did not follow through with the crime.
A charge is elevated to battery when there is actual physical contact and harm to another person. In other words, battery is the physical act of violence itself. You often see assault and battery charges when someone successfully commits a physical crime.

Key Legal Considerations

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Key Legal Definitions with Assault and Battery cases
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Urgent Action and Essential Steps

Your Guide After a Assault and Battery Claims Cases
After experiencing a Assault and Battery Claims Cases, taking timely action is crucial. Gathering as much information as possible at the accident scene can strengthen your case. This includes noting the date, time, and location of the incident, describing any unusual conditions, collecting contact information for parties involved and witnesses, taking pictures, identifying witnesses, seeking medical care, making a police report, and contacting a Assault and Battery Claims lawyer.
It’s important not to delay, as California law, specifically California Code of Civil Procedure (CCCP) § 335.1, generally provides a two-year window to file a Assault and Battery Claims. Waiting beyond this deadline could lead to your lawsuit being dismissed. Evidence can vanish, and memories can fade, making early action essential.
If you’ve been the victim of an accident that has left you injured, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Vanguard Litigation for a free consultation with our dedicated team. We are committed to assisting victims in obtaining the justice and compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses. Contact us today for support in your Assault and Battery Claims Cases.

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